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The Team at Southcape Pest Management can provide our Dunsborough, Busselton, Margaret River, Yallingup or Bunbury customers with the premier Non-Toxic Termite Baiting and Monitoring System.

We choose Exterra for its proven effectiveness. You get termite protection, a product that actually eliminates the entire termite colony and does so without harming the environment. This eco friendly pest control system is safe for YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR PETS.

When you install the environmentally friendly pest control, Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System, you will be supporting Australian Wildlife Conservancy and securing 22 acres of vital habitat for Australia's threatened wildlife.

The 'Save Environmentally Friendly' way to eliminate termites Exterra is the only termite baiting system that creates a complete Termite interception Zone around your home.


Exterra Termite Baiting and Monitoring System - A Natural Pest Control


  • Unique Termite Interception Zone protects your home.
  • Focus Termite Attractant draws termites into the Exterra Station.
  • Larger stations intercepts termites better.
  • Preferred eucalypt timbers ensure termites enter stations.
  • Eco friendly pest control - Safe for You, Your Pets and the environment.
  • Eliminates the Termite Colony.



We're So Confident In Our Termite Treatment And Extermination System That We Back It With A $100,000 Termite Damage Warranty!

Click here for the Exterra $100 000 Warranty


For more information contact us today or visit the Exterra website at www.exterra.com.au


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