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Eco-Friendly Termite Control

Termites form an important part of our environment. Their main role is to consume timber and turn it into nutrients for other plants and animals. There are over 360 species of termites in Australia with approximately four subterranean(ground dwelling)species considered an economic pest in the South-West of WA. Due to construction methods and materials most WA homes are at risk. CSIRO studies show that one in four homes is subject to termite attack.

At Southcape Pest Management we care about the safe and responsible use of pesticides. When a product appears on the market that not only eliminates termites but has little or no effect on the surronding eco system then we want to use it. We are able to offer our clients proven methods for termite control which are non-toxic to both the technician applying them and also your family,pets and the environment. One of the products we use is Altriset which is a truly revolutionary chemical which is the first to be classified a non scheduled poison. Not just any pest control company has the right to use these products. Southcape Pest Management has met the requirements to become accredited to use Altriset. This means that we are willing to undertake on-going professional development to give you the client the best service possible.

If you think you have a problem with live termites or if you would just like to have peace of mind that your home is protected then let one of our highly trained technicians give you a obligation free quote for an eco-friendly termite management system.

Signs of Termite Infestation in your home includes:

  • The presence of mud tubes on foundations, walls and other structure parts
  • Evidence of winged "swarmer" termites or their shed wings( check along the edges of floors and windowsills, where these signs are often found)
  • Damaged wood along the grain often hollowed out and full of mud

If you think you may have termite infestation do not disturb the termites! Call Southcape Pest Management and we can help with immediate action to eliminate the colony and prevent further damage to your home.



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