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Weed Control

Invasive weeds are among the most serious threat to Australia's natural environment and primary production industries.Weeds have major economic, environmental and social impacts on Australia, causing damage to natural landscapes, agricultural lands, waterways and coastal areas.

Southcape Pest Management are the team you can trust to eradicate unwanted weeds from your home. We can treat lawns, pathways, driveways and garden beds.

The best time to treat weeds is during the months of August through to October. The team at Southcape Pest Management are fully qualified to treat weeds responsibly. We are well practised in weed control. We understand chemicals and choose the most desirable herbicide that achieves the best result with the minimum risk to the environment.


What you can do to in your own backyard

  • Regularly monitor weeded areas.
  • Apply dense mulch - it reduces the chances of a weed re-establishing.
  • Replant weeded area with desired plants and provide the appropriate nutrients to encourage active plant growth,
  • Buy weed-free soil, mulches and fertilisers, including manure and be prepared to manage weeds that may come from these sources.
  • Be careful using weeds in your mulch as weed seeds can survive the mulching process. Fine mulching offers the best opportunity of eliminating weeds.
  • Ensure that water and fertlisers do not run from your garden into bushland and pastuer areas.
  • Remove waterweeds from your ponds. Visiting birds can move weeds from your pond into local waterways.

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Southcape Pest Management only use products of the highest quality from companies committed to research and development. We believe this is the only approach to guarantee effective servicing whilst protecting the health and safety of our customers and their environment.

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