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spider1Spiders belong to the order Araneida.

The most common spiders in Western Australia are : Redback Spiders, Wolf Spider, White tail Spider, Black house Spider and the Huntsman Spider.

Spiders can be found in both moist and dry areas of the house such as : basements, roof voids, subfloors and cornices. They hide in dark areas and crack and crevices almost anywhere. Spider bites are common in Western Australia so a spider treatment program is recommended once a year.


Treatment of Spiders in and around the Home calendar1

  • Spray
    • External Walls and Perimeter of House
    • External Window & Door Frames
    • Dusting of Roof Void
    • Residual Spray of Skirting Boards (internally) - Optional
    • Alfresco/Pergola Area
    • Children's play equipment
    • External Walls of Shed and Carport
    • Bins/Letterbox
    • Clothesline
    • Fence Line and Pool Fences
    • Eaves


Safety Measures 

  • Our Pesticides are water based, odourless, will not stain or mark and are often derived from plants

  • We ensure the safety of the entire family, including your much loved pets

  • When the pesticide is dry it is completely safe

  • Drying time of up to 2 hours (depending on weather conditions)


Ways to prevent Spiders in and around the Home

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Remove noticeable webs
  • Fill in gaps in walls and under doors to deter entry
  • Remove sheltering sites like firewood piles and compost piles from near your home
  • Use lighting in a way that is less attractive to the insects that spiders feed on
  • Carry out a spider treatment program once a year

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