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clover-mite 1500x1200Mites belong to the order Acarina. The most common type of dust mite found in Australian homes is the Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, which tends to prefer coastal rather than inland areas. Dust mites are about a quarter of a millimetre long and live off human skin scales and thrive in humid conditions.

Mites are found in bedding, carpets, soft furnishings and clothing. Dust mites often cause allergies because humans react to various proteins (allergens) contained in their droppings. Each mite produces about 20 of these waste droppings every day and the droppings continue to cause allergic symptoms even after the mite is dead.

House dust mite allergy is very common and associated with asthma, eczema and allergic thinitis, especially in climates such as Australian where the allergen is present in large amounts.



Treatment of Mites in and around the Home calendar1

  • Spray
    • External Walls and Perimeter of House
    • External Window & Door Frames
    • Dusting of Roof Void
    • Residual Spray of Skirting Boards (internally) - Optional
    • Vacuum all carpeting and upholstery
    • Launder pillows, pillowcases and all bedding in hot water and detergent once a week
    • Sweep and damp mop floors and counters frequently.


Safety Measures

                     Our pesticides are water based, odourless, will not stain or mark and are often derived from plants

                     We ensure the safety of the entire family, including your much loved pets

                     When the pesticide is dry it is completely safe

                     Drying time of up to 2 hours (depending on weather conditions)


Ways to Prevent Mites in the Home

                     At Southcape Pest management we understand the habits of each of the many species of mites found in the south-west. We use that knowledge when developing a control program for your home.


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