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Bed Bugs

Does Your Pest Manager Follow the BedBug Code of Practice? We Do

steamBedbugs are an elusive creatures and hide in a multitude of cracks and crevices, and as such require a tremendous attention to detail to eliminate an infestation.

At Southcape Pest Management we have the experience and expertise to treat Bedbugs the right way. If you are serious about Bedbug eradication then you need a Pest Manager who knows what they are doing.

Our methods employ the use of not only a pesticide but also steam to completely eradicate the infestation by interupting the life cycle. We follow the Bedbug code of practice that was set down by the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association in 2006.

In all cases whether in the accommodation industry or domestic homes the first step is a thorough inspection of the premises. Then treatment which follows will be over 3 visits. In all cases we will follow-up with re-inspection and treatment if necessary.

We will not have completed treatment until every bedbug has been eliminated.

The key to success to all of our Pest Control procedures is communication with the customer. You need to know what is involved and what measures you need to take to ensure that the Bedbugs are eliminated and do not spread to the rest of the hotel or your home.

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