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antAnts belong to the order Hymenoptera, a group of insects that includes bees, sandflies and wasps. About 3000 species are known in Australia.

Ants are social insects and the colony size can number up to 500 000 with the whole colony relocating very fast when threatened. Nests can be located almost anywhere in and around your home, in lawns, among rocks and wood or inside the cavity wall.

Ants are considered to be a big problem around the country as control can be very difficult. Different types of ants require different types of treatment.


Treatment of Ants in and around the Home calendar1

  • Spray
    • External Walls and Perimeter of House
    • External Window & Door Frames
    • Dusting of Roof Void
    • Residual Spray of Skirting Boards (internally) - Optional
    • Alfresco/Pergola Area
    • Children's play equipment
    • External Walls of Shed and Carport
    • Bins/Letterbox
    • Clothesline
    • Fence Line and Pool Fences
    • Eaves


Safety Measures

   Our pesticides are water based, odourless, will not stain or mark and are often derived from plants

   We ensure the safety of the entire family, including your much loved pets

   When the pesticide is dry it is completely safe

   Drying time of up to 2 hours (depending on weather conditions)


Ways to Prevent Ants in the Home

Most Ants come inside looking for food. They are attracted by sweet and sticky substances. Ant proof your home by making food unavailable:

  • Always cover food - who knows where the ant has been before it crawls across your food!
  • Clean food and liquid spills immediately
  • Clean food debris from under kitchen appliances
  • Make sure all rubbish bins are tightly sealed
  • Keep compost piles enclosed and covered
  • Put away pet food as soon as your pet has finished eating
  • Sealing access points such as cracks and crevices in door and window frames
  • Carry out an ant control program with a qualified pest controller

At Southcape Pest management we understand the habits of each of the many species of ants found in the south-west. We use that knowledge when developing a control program for your home.

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